Givaudan debuts two new nature-inspired fragrance technologies

By Julia Wray | Published: 27-Jul-2021

Phytogaia and Thalassogaia have been developed according to the company’s Naturality Guide

Givaudan has unveiled two new fragrance technologies which have been developed to bring the natural benefits of forests and oceans into perfumes.

Phytogaia and Thalassogaia are said to have been created with respect to Givaudan’s Naturally Guide principles and designed in a nature-conscious way to bring multiple health and wellbeing benefits to fragrance consumers.

Inspired by the Japanese art of forest bathing, Phytogaia captures the wellbeing benefits of molecules that are emitted by forest trees and proven to have a positive effect on people.

These molecules, called phytoncides, provide wellbeing benefits when used in fragrances by improving mood, and reducing stress and fatigue.

Thalassogaia draws from the surroundings of the beach; Givaudan scientists conducted ScentTrek analyses, using the company’s headspace technology, to develop a collection of Thalassogaia perfumery accords that mimic the composition of the marine environment.

The collection of accords is claimed to trigger the calming feeling of being near or in water and can be used in all categories from air care to personal care.

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