Givaudan launches a new natural and inspirational beauty range

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this selection of natural botanical extracts offers new potential for beauty brands to craft inspiring products

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the founding principle of balancing energy flows by using plant extracts to treat specific health issues.

Inspired by this ancestral science, Givaudan Active Beauty presents RitualEssenz TCM, an inspirational health and well-being beauty range to reconnect people with nature.

RitualEssenz TCM extracts have been designed by modern and qualified TCM doctors using the main preparation method called the ‘Tea Pot Principle’, where natural materials are brewed and extracted together, creating a homogeneous and harmonic blend.

The RitualEssenz TCM range has been crafted following the fundamental Five Elements rules of TCM (Wuxing), to fulfil consumers’ requests for natural extracts rooted in local traditions. A first set of seven blends obtained from iconic TCM flowers and plants will be launched, including:

Fabrice Lefèvre, Innovation and Marketing Director, said: “There is a deep consumer expectation to reconnect with nature through their skincare products by using natural ingredients they can trust. The RitualEssenz TCM line is an inspirational range developed by Givaudan Active Beauty with the best Chinese experts to bring more natural and sustainable ingredients to the personal care market, leveraging ancient traditions to engage consumers.”

At Suppliers’ Day in New York, Givaudan Active Beauty showcased a dedicated formula called ‘Vital’boost’, featuring Qi energy and a RitualEssenz TCM vegetal extract. It’s an energising cleanser allowing consumers to start their day with a wave of freshness and vitality, naturally!

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