Givaudan unveils perfume i-Phone app


Mobile perfume tool targets crowded sector and younger market

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Fragrance house Givaudan has designed a free iPhone application designed to help consumers navigate the perfume market both in-store and online. The company has used information from its Miriad 2.0, winner of this year’s FiFi Technological Breakthrough of the Year for Fragrance for Fragrance Creation & Formulation, to create a database of over 4,000 prestige fragrances to form the consumer guide in the iPerfumer.

“Many people are so daunted by the choice that they walk away. Others simply buy the same perfume every time because it is a safe choice,” says Maurizio Volpi, marketing director at Givaudan Fragrances. “Our research shows that young people particularly are not becoming fragrance buyers, but they love technology.”

Personal profiles can be created on iPerfumer which can be used to shortlist best suited perfumes or to check known ones, but suggestions are based on algorithmic calculation derived from individual users and fragrance preferences of the iPerfumer user community so olfactive categorisation is not the sole basis for recommendations. There is also a facility to find out which perfumes on the market are most liked by other perfume buyers.

Felix Mayr-Harting, Givaudan Global Head of Fine Fragrance, comments: “The iPerfumer App gives people the opportunity to learn about fragrance and buy in an informed way. It is a meaningful step towards engaging a new generation of perfume enthusiasts."

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