Go for the glow with Collagen Serum

Published: 2-Feb-2023

Hot on the heels of Heaven Skincare’s bestselling Collagen Drops and Collagen Face Mist comes a serum like no other. Founder Deborah Mitchell has created Collagen Serum – a ground-breaking skin oil that boosts moisture and tackles dry skin

  • This brand new serum contains a clever blend of Heaven’s exclusive Collagen Drops with hyaluronic acid and essential neroli oil.
  • Collagen is recognised for its skin-saving benefits. Mixed with hyaluronic acid, it improves hydration to improve the overall condition of our skin. Neroli oil helps tackle breakouts and soothe redness
  • The addition of vitamin C helps boost collagen production for firmer, plumper and smoother skin, while vitamin E reduces inflammation.

And that all adds up healthy, happy and glowing skin!

Perfect for tackling fine lines and dehydration, Heaven’s new Collagen Serum Oil delivers a potent shot of complexion-boosting ingredients directly into your skin. While cleansers and moisturisers usually contain between five and ten per cent of active ingredients, serums can boast up to 70 per cent. And unlike traditional face creams, which sit on the surface of the skin, they have smaller molecules so can penetrate the epidermis.

“A friend asked if she could have something that would specifically target dry patches on her face,” explains Deborah. “She was suffering from fine lines and itchiness because of them, and felt that she’d lost her glow. Her skin had changed a lot during the menopause and she needed my help. I wanted to create something that would feed her skin as well as leave it looking smoother and more youthful. So I mixed Collagen Drops with a few natural ingredients to create a serum for her to try.

“No surprise she loved it, and then my other clients started asking to buy it too because it worked so well. This new serum is ideal for patches of eczema and spots, which are exacerbated by dryness, and is great for oily complexions too. Once you try it you’ll notice your skin feels softer and more moisturised and looks radiant!”

Collagen Face and Body Mist is available now priced at £28. You can shop online here

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