Golden Arrow announces unique lineup of moulded fibre packaging

Published: 26-Sep-2018

Golden Arrow, a global manufacturer of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions, has created a coloured moulded fibre line of packaging that exhibits a vibrant variety of hues new to the industry.

Midnight Blue, Monarch Orange, Taffy Pink, Aqua Blue, and Olive Green are the first standouts of this line, on display at the 2018 Luxepack Monaco trade-show.

Most packaging materials are white with colour selectively printed on its surface using non-sustainable inks or manufacturing processes.

Golden Arrow leverages a unique proprietary process to achieve sustainable colouring throughout the moulded fibre packaging at a new level of quality.

"We are committed to working with like-minded companies who see the importance and direct impact that environmentally-safe manufacturing and production methods and materials have on a global scale. Golden Arrow has long been committed to helping reduce waste, emissions, and unnecessary plastics," stated Jerry Huang, the President of Golden Arrow Group.

Golden Arrow's packaging lineup is notable not only in that the colour runs throughout the packaging material – rather than just printed on – but also showcases a richness and vibrancy unknown to the sustainable packaging industry.

Golden Arrow announces unique lineup of moulded fibre packaging

Known for its high-quality packaging, Golden Arrow has taken another leap forward by opening up the possibilities of the luxury industry, providing it with beautiful, colourfast material options.

"Colour is oxygen to the beauty industry. With our exclusive moulded fibre colour series we are achieving a vibrant and rich colour throughout the packaging not seen anywhere else in the industry – and it's all sustainable," said Huang.

Visit Golden Arrow at Luxe Pack Monaco 2018 - stand DG38

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