Greenaltech to launch deep night repair technology at in-cosmetics

Published: 13-Apr-2018

Greenaltech is launching its latest night repair technology next week in Amsterdam.

Beauty brands will be able to tap on the most potent cellular technology to help consumers get a long-night, rested appearance.

It is natural, sustainable and opens a world of innovation potential.

  • ALGAKTIV GenoFix Nite delivers holistic cellular repair with its energy-free, night-healing enzymes
  • ALGAKTIV GenoFix Nite provides 360-night repair by boosting our DNA repair and antioxidant systems

The latest clinical study demonstrates how it promotes firmness and reduces wrinkles rapidly while we rest – with just one evening application per day. Deep night repair is possible now.

Meet the ALGAKTIV scientific and creative teams at stand H303 or join their technical seminar (April 18 at 9:40 AM, Theater 2) to learn more!

*ALGAKTIV is a registered trademark ingredient of Greenaltech

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