HOLOBIOSYS by Greentech

Published: 26-Apr-2023

HOLOBIOSYS is the latest achievement of more than 30 years of Greentech research. Thirty robust years of expertise in various fields: biotechnologies, metabolically oriented fermentation, phytochemistry, green extraction, biomimetism and microbiota

Today, our extensive scientific approach allows to unveil a new generation of active ingredients for cosmetics. Utilising an innovative metaproteomic study which focuses on the specific function of each cellular protein, our systemic method treats the skin as a whole and repairs conditions of dry and dehydrated skin via a boost of hyaluronic acid and skin lipids synthesis. A major advance in cosmetics!

HOLOBIOSYS® is a COSMOS-certified organic upcycled active ingredient, obtained from organic wild yellow gentian roots enhanced by fermentation with a rare and resistant bacteria from aerobiome, Sphingomonas faeni. This bacteria is able to resist to cold and desiccated environment thanks to defense mechanisms that have been reproduced on skin.

Clinically tested on volunteers with dehydrated skin, HOLOBIOSYS® increases skin hydration index after 28 days of application at 1% vs placebo and smoothes wrinkles. It also protects hydrolipidic film and has even a lipid-replenishing effect on a sub-panel presenting dehydrated and sebum-deficient skin.

We are convinced that ecosystems must be studied as a whole, focusing on the interconnections between their various components rather than on the individual parts. Taking it a step further than a simple microbiota study comparing one side and the skin to the other, the study of the holobiont provides a comprehensive view of the interactions between the skin and its microbial ecosystem.

With age and/or loss of hydration, our research shows that these interactions evolve and tend to decrease over time. By focusing on the host/microbiota interactions, HOLOBIOSYS® is able to contribute to a more harmonised holobiont, allowing a deep and potent hydra-restructuring action and reinvigorated, healthier and plumped skin.

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