How Bondi Sands took its self-tan products to new shores


How Australia's top-selling self-tan brand Bondi Sands cracked the UK and US markets

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In this week's Expert Advice article, Bondi Sands' Co-Founders Shaun Wilson and Blair James explain how Australia's top-selling self-tan has gone on to crack the UK and US markets.

Shaun Wilson and Blair James

Shaun Wilson and Blair James

Bondi Sands began in salons. Why did it go into products?

From day one, spray tans were the most ­­­­­popular services we offered at the salon. Particularly during the winter months, we would be fully booked for spray tans and we found ourselves recommending products to those who couldn’t get booked in. The feedback was always the same: the colour wasn’t right, it didn’t smell very nice or it didn’t last long enough. We began using our own spray tan solution in the salon and soon had customers asking specifically to use it at home. At this point we decided to start adapting the product for home use in aerosol sprays and self-tanning lotions. Adapting the formula to these products took about two years to perfect.

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