How little sun is too little?

By Julia Wray 12-Jun-2017

Getting the balance right between exposure and protection was high on the agenda at The Sun Protection Conference 2017

How little sun is too little?

The development of sun protection strategies amid growing awareness of the benefits of exposure to sunlight was a key theme of 2017’s The Sun Protection Conference, which took place from 6-7 June in London. Also on the agenda were materials of interest and updated testing methods, as well as industry acknowledgement of the need for greater clarity when communicating with consumers. This feature comprises a selection of presentations delivered over the course of the two days.

Balancing act

In her keynote, titled ‘The yin and yang of sun exposure: achieving a balance for good health’, Professor Robyn Lucas from The Australian National University reminded attendees of the effects of solar radiation, both negative (melanoma and other skin cancers, eye damage, photoageing and immunosuppression) and positive (calcium homeostasis, a feeling of wellbeing, decreased instances of myopia, some metabolic benefit and appetite suppression).


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