How to get ahead in the discount channel


C&T suppliers should target the triumphant big discounters with a one-off approach, says Brian Moore

Traditionally, National Account Managers (NAMs) and their C&T marketing colleagues have been reared in a culture of continuity. Years have been spent building up relationships with consumers and customers, on the premise that a strategic approach to C&T brand optimisation produced a predictable and acceptable return on investment, growing a level of brand equity that would carry us over the inevitable troughs in demand.

But this level of certainty possibly made many of us complacent and unwilling to innovate.

This all changed with the 2007 global financial crisis and the emergence of the savvy consumer, gradually morphing into the savvy buyer, who is constantly searching for demonstrable value-for-money for each purchase.


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The results are evident in the successes of Aldi and Lidl – and at the expense of Tesco and the other multiple retailers who for too long took scale and continuity for granted. It is obvious that we are all now only as good as yesterday’s sales results.


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