How to get beach ready: body


Help your customers with beach body care

In this five-part series we speak to beauty aficionados with different areas of expertise. We're finding out how you can get your customers beach-ready, from their hair right down to their feet and everything in between. In this first instalment, we're looking at body care...

Preparation is key when it comes to holiday body care so warn customers that they will need to put in some groundwork before hitting the beach. The starting point should be a body scrub in the shower a few times a week, as well as in the morning before jetting off. Sanctuary Spa skin care expert Nichola Joss says: “Make sure customers choose one that is packed with oils to remove the dead skin and nourish the fresh skin underneath.” After exfoliating, customers should apply a rich body butter to tighten and firm skin. Joss recommends massaging it into the skin to revive and boost circulation and give skin a radiant glow.

If a customer is conscious of cellulite, there are a couple of steps they can take. “They will need to really massage the area to make a difference,” Joss says. “Hold a hand in a claw shape and use fingertips and a thumb to work an anti-cellulite gel into problem areas in an upwards motion for two to three minutes.”

If your customer wants a firmer approach, advise them to pinch the skin using fingers and a thumb for two to three minutes. “These application techniques will boost circulation in the problem areas and will help with the absorption of the treatment to tackle cellulite quickly,” she says.

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