How to overcome key problems when formulating organic


When formulating organic cosmetic products Barbara Olioso discusses the three biggest challenges and suggests ideas to ‘un-complicate’ the process

How to overcome key problems when formulating organic

Organic is growing in popularity and gradually becoming more mainstream. However, despite this popularity and consumers’ somewhat romantic vision of ‘organic’, in the formulator’s laboratory it is a different story: quite far from romance and closer to a drama, although always enjoyable.

After nearly 20 years’ experience in the laboratory, I will share three recent challenges faced in my organic development projects.

1. Beware Vegan Red Tape

Veganism is growing steadily in the UK and Europe, yet when its demands are combined with organic and natural criteria it extends the amount of red tape for raw materials.

A few years ago, having a simple statement saying the raw material does not contain animal derivatives and is not tested on animals was sufficient for vegan accreditation. But now the boundary has been extended to include...

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