HuntsmanClariant merger: Second request for information

Published: 16-Aug-2017

US Federal Trade Commission delivers information request concerning sodium isethionate used in soap and shampoos

Clariant and Huntsman Corporation are facing a second regulatory hurdle before they can finalise their merger to form HuntsmanClariant.

The specialty chemicals companies have been delivered a second request for information from the US Federal Trade Commission, the antitrust regulator.

The request concerns two products: sodium isethionate, which is used in personal care products such as soap and shampoo, and a polyetheramine product, used in construction, paint and ink.

The products are claimed to have accounted for less than USD$24m in total revenues for Clariant and Huntsman Corporation each in 2016.

It stated: “Clariant is confident the parties will be able to satisfy any FTC concerns on a timeline consistent with the merger, which we continue to expect to close around year-end.”

In May, the two companies announced a merger of equals to form HuntsmanClariant – a combined company with approximately $20bn enterprise value.

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