Iconoclastic brands disrupting the norm

Steve Gibbons looks at those beauty brands which are turning accepted business models on their heads

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet that I just can’t shift. I’m looking for the exact quote and author for something that goes along the lines of “most of us mould our will to fit the world as we find it, but then occasionally an individual appears who molds the world to fit his (or her) own will”.

Steve Gibbons, Managing Director, Dew Gibbons

Occasionally, an iconoclast comes along to challenge all our assumptions and beliefs – and in a moment of epiphany we begin to confront all our own preconceptions. These can be quite awkward and uncomfortable moments. I had the good fortune to be chairing a beauty conference recently where one such moment occurred.

It was a presentation by Jan Mihm, co-founder of Uslu Airlines. No doubt you’re wondering why the founder of an airline might be speaking at a beauty conference (as many of us did). No attempt was made to explain the company’s idiosyncratic name before the presentation. It turns out he doesn’t run an airline at all, but a colour cosmetics business. You wouldn’t get it from the name, but that wouldn’t worry Mihm one iota.

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