Imerys offers a new natural mineral with a highly effective absorption capacity


Consumers increasingly prefer products which are free from ingredients that might have a negative effect on the skin. In the face of growing awareness about the adverse health effects of aluminum salts in deodorants, demand for ‘natural’ products has significantly increased in recent years.

Imerys has engineered the most water and oil-absorbent natural mineral available on the market, ImerCare 400D.

ImerCare 400D is composed of 100% natural diatomaceous earth (DE), which provides:

  • high perspiration absorbency
  • good body odor control
  • quick drying time
  • bare skin sensation.

This Cosmos approved solution can be used in all types of deodorants (sticks, roll-ons and sprays).

Proof of efficacy has been assessed by panel tests performed by an independent institute on 33 volunteers. The tests consisted in applying a conventional roll-on deodorant not containing minerals and a DE-based deodorant once a day for a period of seven days.

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The results demonstrated a 34% improvement in sweat control and a 67% improvement in bare skin sensation for the DE deodorant compared to the classic deodorant.