Imerys showcases two new additions ImerCare Opaque and Opaline

At New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day 2017, Imerys Performance Additives (booth 1460) will be showcasing two recent developments to its all-natural ImerCare mineral range:

ImerCare Opaque is a new, eco-friendly, kaolin-based solution that imparts opacity and whiteness to gel and shampoo formulations. Unlike synthetic opacifiers, ImerCare Opaque is neither pH nor ionic-surfactant sensitive. A one-size-fits-all solution, ImerCare Opaque confers a rich, creamy optical effect to shower gels and shampoos, giving them a luxurious feel.

ImerCare Opaque is a natural kaolin-based alternative to oil-derived opacifiers. It confers a creamy and luxurious optical effect to shower gels and shampoos.

ImerCare Opaline is a premium-grade talc that has been engineered to obtain a particle thickness, shape and size distribution which imparts a pearlescent effect to shower gels and shampoos. ImerCare Opaline can be used at all pH levels and with all ingredients— even ionic—making it a one-size-fits-all solution. Its natural, highly pearlescent effect enhances consumer perception of well-being and luxury.

ImerCare Opaline is a high performance, 100% natural, talc-based pearlising agent for shower gels and shampoos.

ImerCare Opaque and Opaline round out the existing ImerCare mineral range of perlites, diatomaceous earth and kaolin.

The ImerCare range is Ecocert and Cosmos certified.  

About Imerys Group

Imerys is the world leader in adding value to minerals. With more than 250 sites in 50 countries worldwide, the Group achieved over €4 billion in sales in 2016. Combining high-quality mineral resources with advanced industrial know-how and technologies, Imerys designs, manufactures and sells mineral-based specialties that enable customers to improve product performance or process efficiency.