Innovative sprays that stay

Bernice Ridley and Katie Landon introduce an innovative ‘fly-stay’ polymer that stabilises emulsion systems to provide fine sprays from even viscous creams

Today, consumers from around the world use a variety of different sprayable products as part of their daily regime. From household cleaners to hair sprays, sprayable cooking oil to sun protection, consumers are blissfully unaware how everyday products have evolved to provide an easier way of life for everyone. No matter which market or region we analyse, convenience and ease of use from a product are essential factors which drive consumer purchases. 

From as early as the 1800s, people have sought new ways to deliver products more effectively. The 1880s saw the creation of the pump spray as a route to combat pests that attacked fruit trees. The aerosol can was discovered in the 1920s by Eric Rotheim to deliver a thin layer of wax evenly to his skis to reduce the friction whilst skiing. History unveils a number of key inventions which have influenced today’s product formats in the market place; formats which we, as the consumer often, take for granted.  

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