Inspira Cosmetics fights signs of ageing with new serum

Published: 5-Dec-2018

A global anti ageing serum with a 360° treatment effect, Absolute Serum is a new cosmetic way to help fight against all signs of skin ageing.

Manufactured by inspira: cosmetics, the serum's holistic formula features Ectoin, to protect the skin cells, while the lifting action of the super peptide Matrixyl Synthé 6, helps to smooth and firm skin.

An innovative blue light filter protects against harmful radiation emitted by smartphones, computers and tablets that cause premature skin ageing, while UVA and UVB filter provide environmental protection against free radicals, as well as infrared radiation and air pollution.

Why is the radiation of electronic devices so harmful for the skin?

Blue light or High Energy Visible Light (HEV) is the spectrum of visible light between 400 and 500nm. Blue light is therefore very close to UV light and has one of the shortest wavelengths with the highest energy level.

In its natural form it regulates the body's inner circadian rhythm and keeps us awake but the impact of artificial HEV on our skin cells is quite devastating; it can cause damage to the mitochondrial DNA and reduce the regeneration of the epidermal barrier. Last but not least blue light contributes to skin ageing. The new term for this is "Smartphone Wrinkles".

The innovative formula of the inspira: absolue Absolute Serum protects the skin from the harmful effects of HEV. Did you know that Blumilight, the blue light filter used in Absolute Serum is based on a natural raw material? It is derived from sustainably grown cocoa from Peru (Cacao Blanco).

This precious natural product is also highly regarded by chocolatiers worldwide and is made from non-fermented seeds and consists of peptides, saccharides and polyphenols.

Absolute Serum 30ml dispenser, RRP Germany €79,00. Available in beauty salons, department stores and under

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