International L'Oréal unit to analyse emerging market needs

Research for localised R&D in China, Brazil and India

L'Oréal has set up a new international unit designated Studies and Consumer Insights which will analyse the customer requirements of consumers in China, Brazil and India. There will be a strong emphasis on China with locally-based R&D.

Laurent Attal, vp responsible for innovation, said innovation for Chinese consumers had to be carried out in China, not in Paris. World market changes were occurring under their eyes and the group's capacity for innovation had to take account of consumer expectations in the emerging countries where the consumers were. Investment in this area is to be increased.

Before now, L'Oréal's existing units in Shanghai and Tokyo have been working to adapt products developed in France or Europe to local markets. The emphasis will now change to focus on more local product development, for example in the creation of new products adapted to Asian skin types.