Introducing Idealpak’s bioplastic product—sugarcane packaging


Idealpak extends its sugarcane packaging portfolio to include plastic bottles and jars

Bioplastics are plastic materials produced from renewable biological resources, such as vegetable oils, corn starch or sugarcane. Idealpak’s bioplastic packaging products are made from 100% biobased material derived from sugarcane.

Instead of fossil-based materials, these products are sourced from 100% renewable resource—sugarcane. Their carbon footprint is lower than traditional packaging because sugarcane absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows. Also, they are 100% recyclable.

Our sugarcane HDPE/LDPE bottles and jars include cylinder PE bottles, round-shoulder PE bottles, flat square PE bottles, tottle PE bottles, PE foam pump bottles, PE jars and many more from 9ml to 1000ml.

Introducing Idealpak’s bioplastic product—sugarcane packaging

Our sugarcane tubes are available in round tube, oval tube, flat oval tube, 2-layer tube and 5-layer tube from 5ml to 360ml.

Introducing Idealpak’s bioplastic product—sugarcane packaging

Idealpak’s strengths in bioplastic sugarcane packaging:

  1. Idealpak has a complete range of products in great variety of sizes
  2. Idealpak provides different closure options: pumps, sprayers, screw caps, flip top caps, roller caps, twist top caps, and many more
  3. Idealpak offers different decoration options including silkscreen printing, hot stamping, offset printing, spray painting and labeling
  4. Idealpak’ s highly skilled team and complete and systematic quality assurance system will ensure efficiency and quality.

Think Green, Act Green, Live Green.

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