Introducing body care from inspira: cosmetics

Published: 6-Dec-2021

With four new products for the body you can expect something special here with inspira: cosmetics

The entire scientific know-how of the Aachen-based medical beauty specialist has gone into the formulations, which on the one hand pamper, smooth and firm the body skin with luxurious textures and convey an incomparable feeling of well-being with sensual fragrances, and on the other hand effectively treat problem zones and decisively improve the appearance. Of course, these products also meet the high standards of 'German Beauty Engineering', to which inspira: cosmetics is committed.

Treat yourself to an extra portion of luxury with the new De Luxe Caviar Body Cream. Caviar extract from sustainable aquaculture is rich in proteins, lipids and essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, niacin, panthotenic acid and folic acid, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Caviar extract has a moisturising and revitalising effect, promotes microcirculation and accelerates oxygen supply and cell regeneration. High-quality lipids from shea butter, olive oil and coconut nourish the skin softly and smoothly and a luxurious fragrance envelops you after application.

Pro Biotic Hydra + Body Cream regenerates and strengthens the skin's own microbiome. The microbiome consists of the 'good' bacterial flora on the skin, which protects it from negative external influences. Similar to a fingerprint, the microbiome is slightly different for each person. Lactobacillus Ferment, a probiotic ingredient has anti-microbial peptides that protect the skin and at the same time is able to intensively moisturise the body. Alpha Glucan Oligosaccharides, a prebiotic active ingredient combination acts against pathogenic microorganisms, itching and redness and restores a balanced skin flora. Almond oil, shea butter and an active ingredient from olive oil supply the skin with valuable lipids and repair the skin barrier. Remodelling Body Cream is a highly effective anti-cellulite cream with the power of the sea and a plant base. Caffeine from the Coffea plant from Ethiopia stimulates the metabolism, stimulates microcirculation and inhibits the accumulation of fat in the tissue. Escin from the horse chestnut tightens, a power cocktail of red, brown and sea algae prevents varicose veins, stimulates the breakdown and removal of fat deposits and is effective against new deposits. Essential oils from lemon peel and rosemary oil strengthen the vessels and tighten them. Phyto Glycerin provides intensive moisture.

Last but not least, the new Ultra Light Legs Lotion is a real boon for tired, heavy legs, e.g. after an extensive shopping spree or an intensive workout. This is where concentrated plant power comes into play. Rosemary essential oil strengthens the vessels, Sicilian orange and bergamot essential oils have a cell-regenerating effect, natural menthol from mint provides long-lasting, intensive cooling, while lavender oil and oil from the wintergreen plant from northern Canada soothe muscle pain. Wintergreen leaves have been chewed by the Eskimos there for centuries to reduce fever and relieve pain. Phyto Glycerin provides intense moisture.

Recommended retail price:

  • De Luxe Caviar Body Cream 32,50€ Remodelling Body Cream 49,50€.
  • Pro Biotic Hydra + Body Cream 29,50€ Ultra Light Legs Lotion 39,50€

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