Is beauty heading back to the gym? We discover Revolution’s new wellness range

By Julia Wray | Published: 5-Sep-2022

The cosmetics industry is once again embracing the trend for athleisure-led products and body sculpting topicals

The latest launch from Revolution Beauty suggests that ‘gym cosmetics’ might be shaping up for a revival.

Revolution GYM (from RRP£4-£18) comprises a selection of workout accessories, skin care goods and cosmetics intended to help people feel and look great pre- and post-workout.

Expanding further into the wellness space following the launch of Revolution’s vitamin gummies earlier this year, the GYM line includes a Metal Gua Sha and Metal Face Roller to lift and sculpt whilst helping to boost circulation.

These are accompanied by two new serums: CBD Rebalance Calming Face Serum and the Hydro Cool Hydrating Face Serum. Both contain Revolution’s SKINBOOST complex, designed to re-energise and enhance skin.

Also included are Recovery Fuel Cooling Muscle Gel, Hydro Cool Down Face Serum, Body Serum and Enhancing Bum Cream.

For consumers who like to wear make-up to the gym, Revolution’s line-up further boasts Sweatproof Mascara and Clear Brow & Lash Mascara, combined with a line-up of sticks to prime, hydrate and mattify the skin.

Is beauty heading back to the gym? We discover Revolution’s new wellness range

Revolution has also grown outside of topical beauty with the GYM range’s Gym Towel, Protein Shaker, Resistance Bands and non-slip Yoga Mat.

The athleisure trend in fashion has long been an inspiration to beauty players, with the likes of Tarte, Face Gym and Lululemon all offering workout-suitable cosmetics.

But launch activity unsurprisingly stalled in 2020 when gyms were faced with temporary closures during lockdowns.

Now, it seems, the industry is once again focusing on helping us look our best during and after our workouts – as well as turning its attention to body perfecting.

In recent months, on the ingredients supply side, we’ve seen the launch of Provital’s Sculpup, an aesthetic-surgery inspired, non-invasive body cosmetic solution based on blackberries, and Adeplump from Ichimaru Pharcos, to increase the volume of breasts, lips and the buttock area.

Meanwhile, as recently as July, the owner of one of the world’s most envied bodies, Jennifer Lopez, capitalised on her most famous asset with the launch of Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm under her skin care label JLo Beauty.

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