Is beauty ready for Digital Lavender? WGSN and Coloro announce key shades for 2023

Published: 16-Apr-2021

Wellbeing-oriented, activating and upbeat colours will reflect a renewed optimism in upcoming years

Trends forecasting agency WGSN and colours authority Coloro have teamed up to announced the hues tipped to gain worldwide popularity in 2023.

Leading the pack is Digital Lavender, which Coloro calls its colour of the year for 2023; the colour is predicted to connect to people’s focus on wellbeing, evoking calmness and serenity.

According to both design authorities, the shade is already embedded in digital culture and is expected to converge across virtual and physical worlds.

The other colours tipped to be everywhere in two years’ time include Luscious Red, a powerful colour tapping into themes of desire and empowerment; Sundial, an earthy yellow appealing to our growing interest in craft, community and stability; Tranquil Blue, a mid-level hue evoking clarity and sustainability; and Verdigris, which harks back to 80's sportswear and outdoor apparel, and which WGSN and Coloro expect to be reinterpreted as a progressive youth-led bright.

Commenting on the choice of Digital Lavender, Coloro’s Head of Content, Joanne Thomas, said: “As consumers find solace and comfort inhabiting the virtual space, the influence of video games and virtual realities will become all-encompassing, distorting the boundaries between our online and offline existence.

“Digital Lavender, our Color of the Year for 2023, signifies that stability, serenity and digital escapism that so many of us have built into our recuperative rituals to both protect and improve our mental health in challenging times.

“Each of our five emotive and sensorial key coloirs are ready to be embedded in both our physical and digital world, as we have balanced saturated, stimulating brights with organic, low-impact hues and mindful pales.”

“Our S/S 23 palette reflects a more hopeful and optimistic view of the future,” adds Jenny Clark, Head of Color at WGSN.

“We anticipate challenges ahead. However, we believe consumers will seek out colours that they can engage with positively.

“This belief drove a shift towards more chromatic colours that feel activating and upbeat.”

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