Is beauty's celebrity director trend all style and no substance?

By Sarah Parsons 19-Feb-2021

More beauty brands are teaming up with celebrities not just as ‘faces’ but in important creative roles: it’s a new string to stars’ bows and showers brands with glamour and attention. But how useful a move is it really?

Jennifer Aniston for Vital Proteins, Emily Ratajkowski for Loops and Drew Barrymore for Garnier

The past 12 months must have been a strange time to make a living as a celebrity. For models, fashion shows and exotic photoshoots were cancelled; for actors, filming was put on hold or scrapped entirely. Musicians are still no longer able to perform at crowded venues, instead opting to livestream from their home studios to invisible audiences.

Since the golden age of Hollywood, celebrities have partnered with beauty companies to boost their income and public profile as 'faces' or 'spokespeople'.

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Then in recent years there has been the sharp uptick of celebrity-founded cosmetic brands that have gone from a fan-focused side hustle to a legitimate ...

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