JD Jojoba Oil: Shelf-stable and always able

The global economy in 2019 demands effective, sustainably-sourced and eco-friendly skin care formulations with high levels of stability

In today’s global marketplace, there are endless advantages for the beauty and personal care industry. However, the logistics of managing a global marketplace and the products in it, have become a new challenge in the beauty industry.

Now more than ever, brands need long-lasting, shelf-stable products that can withstand transit across the miles and continue to remain efficacious. Fortunately, JD Jojoba Oil can offer the perfect solutions for various cosmetic and skin care products.

Due to its unique chemical structure and antioxidants content, JD Jojoba Oil has incomparable oxidative stability, resulting a long shelf life and resistance towards free radicals.

Moreover, adding JD Jojoba oil to other carrier oils can improve their stability to much higher levels. This exclusive property of Jojoba as a carrier oil can be capitalized upon by brands and result in formulations with oxidatively-sensitive vitamins and essential oils, including hemp oil.

While its outstanding stability makes JD Jojoba Oil a natural choice, savvy brands are formulating with JD Jojoba Oil due to its numerous other benefits as well.

  • Natural, vegan and gluten-free
  • Has non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic properties
  • Anti-inflammatory profile soothes irritated skin
  • Non-irritant and safe for all skin types
  • Has wound-healing properties
  • 100% oil free, liquid wax, providing moisture without leaving a greasy feeling
  • Mimics the human sebum, allowing skin to absorb other active compounds and essential oils
  • All Omega 9 and contains Vitamin E.

“JD Jojoba Oil’s stability is unsurpassed by any other similar ingredient, making it a perfect choice for beauty and skin care in our global economy,” said Lee Reuveni, CEO of Jojoba Desert.

“It’s exciting to see the impact JD Jojoba Oil is already making in the beauty industry, and we believe it will continue to revolutionize skin care in the years to come.”

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