Jo Malone London tackles mental health stigma among parents

Published: 28-Jun-2018

The fragrance brand is partnering with NSPCC to raise awareness of parents suffering from mental health problems

Jo Malone London is helping to bring an end to the stigma around parents with mental health problems, by partnering with children's protection charity NSPCC.

The fragrance brand and retailer owned by Estée Lauder Companies, will invest in initiatives in the UK, such as Young Smiles, which support parents suffering from mental health illnesses.

It will also launch a new charity candle, White Lilac & Rhubarb, on 1 July; this year 48% of all charitable donations by the brand will support NSPCC work.

Cheryl Joannides, Vice President and General Manager, Jo Malone London, said: “We are proud to be supporting the NSPCC, tackling mental health within families and ensuring parents and carers get the support they need at the right time.

"Together we want to help families connect, grow and thrive."

Credit: Tom Hull

Credit: Tom Hull

The number of children living with a parent suffering from a mental health problem totals more than two million.

It is shown that this puts children at a higher risk of developing mental health illnesses of their own.

NSPCC’s Head of Partnerships Mike McGrath said: “We know that being a parent can be tough at the best of times, but when you are also dealing with a mental health issue it can become unmanageable.

"What makes this situation even worse is that the child is then more at risk of developing their own mental health problem.”

He added: “We look forward to working with Jo Malone London to tackle this issue and ensure more families have easy access to the treatment and care they need to address their mental health problems.”

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