Kao develops first-ever diffuser applicator for skin care

By Becky Bargh | Published: 1-Nov-2019

The Sensai Biomimesis Veil is designed to leave a thin layer of product on the skin’s surface that leaves it looking even and smooth

Japanese chemicals company Kao Corporation has developed its first-ever diffuser applicator for its Sensai brand using Fine Fibre Technology.

Set to launch in December, the Biomimesis Veil is designed to create an ultra-thin layer on the surface of the skin by spraying several films of thin fibre measure one nanometre in diameter.

The membrane is designed to feel light and soft on the skin without restricting movement, while also making the surface of the skin appear even and smooth.

Excess water vapour is designed to escape from the interwoven fibres to stop skin from clogging, meaning the tool can be applied to various products.

Initially, the product will launch in conjunction with a range of Sensai and Est products.

Kao hopes to move outside the realm of skin care and apply the technology to make-up products, such as foundations.

In addition, the device’s possible applications include aftercare following chemical peels and laser therapy, and care for skin disorders.

The product was designed in partnership with Panasonic in order to create the appliance.

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