Kiehl’s partners with Skin Match Technology for a personalised beauty match experience

Published: 25-Jan-2021

The software enables beauty brands and retailers to deliver personalised transparent product information to their consumers

The Covid-19 pandemic forced industries to modify their businesses and the beauty industry certainly rose to the challenge. Like many brands, Kiehl’s has a multitude of sku’s (stock-keeping units) which can make the decision-making process overwhelming for customers.

Kiehl’s implemented the new AI software by Skin Match Technology, which provides its customers with a unique personalised beauty experience.

The AI enables them to pick the products best suited for them and, most importantly, tells consumers what’s inside the benefit of the products they purchase.

Skin Match Technology is a leading skin care AI software provider for the beauty industry. The software enables beauty brands and retailers to deliver personalised transparent product information to their consumers, providing consumers with a sense of individuality.

This way, the AI normalises a revolutionary online shopping experience that is seamless, personalised, and trustworthy.

Kiehl’s is constantly looking for ways of evolving with the industry and with their extensive range and database of products. They found that their consumers found it challenging to navigate the product range especially online where there was no help from a Kiehl’s employee.

Therefore, their next point of evolution was to provide transparency with their Spanish customers by offering them accurate product recommendations for their skin type as well as preferences and, secondly, to provide their customers with an extensive catalog of products for a wide variety of skin types.

Hence, the new digital skin care quiz, developed by Skin Match Technology which uses AI software, and with an extensive database of over 27,000 ingredients to match beauty products with the consumers' skin type, preferences, and more.

This way, Kiehl’s provides its customers with their own personal advisor, all the consumer needs to do is fill out a brief questionnaire about their needs, preferences, and even allergies, which allows the Skin Match Technology algorithm to ensure the best matching products and in turn, the customer receives their own digital beauty advisor.

With the results from the beauty quiz, an in-depth and personalised product description is provided which details the use and benefits of why Kiehl’s recommends these products for the consumer. Each ingredient in the product that was recommended for them.

Through this AI and way of enabling transparency and increasing the consumer’s convenience, saw a 30% increase in the conversion rate.

Moving forward, Kiehl’s hopes to provide even more explanatory product content by using Skin Match Technology’s services across all parts of the user online experience by using additional digital marketing to communicate the new e-services to customers.

Transparency in the beauty industry is valued more than ever as clean beauty becomes prioritised and consumers grow more curious about the type of products, they use on their skin which is why trusted advice from the beauty industry is important.

CEO and co-founder Estella Benz says: “Our work strives to bring customers, brands and retail closer together by helping customers find what they look for; brands cater to their customers’ needs better and retail to match customers with the right products.”

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