KraveBeauty to support influencers who tackle overconsumption in the beauty industry

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 17-Apr-2023

The brand’s $15,000 Anti-Consumer Consumer Grant will support those who promote ‘mindful consumption’ and ‘sustainable living’ in their content


KraveBeauty has launched an Anti-Consumer Consumer Grant (ACC Grant) to support sustainability-focused content creators online.

The D2C Korean skin care brand’s US$15,000 fund will be given to five influencers who promote “mindful consumption, zero-waste and sustainable living” in their content.

The brand hopes the ACC Grant will promote responsible consumerism and fight overconsumption in the beauty industry.

"Our purpose is clear – we want to encourage creators to use their platform to promote conscious and sustainable consumption,” said Liah Yoo, founder and CEO of KraveBeauty.

“We believe that influencers and creators have the power to inspire positive change and create a more sustainable future.

“We recognise that the current influencer/creator culture is deeply rooted in consumerism, and we want to challenge that narrative. 

“We believe that this grant will not only support creators financially, but also inspire a positive shift in the industry towards sustainability and responsible consumerism."

US content creators aged 18 to 30 can apply for the grant and will be assessed on the purpose and scope of their mission.

Not to mention the impact their work online has in promoting sustainable living and conscious consumption.

Influencers will also be assessed on the creative ways they promote their mission, how unique their approach is and the potential they have to reach a wider audience.

How they break down the complexities of the issue into an “easily digestible language” will also be examined. 

Applications are open until 30 April,11:59pm PT, and the winners will be notified in May.

Five recipients will each win $3,000 from the grant.

KraveBeauty has a history of tackling environmental issues within the beauty industry. 

The brand’s Waste Me Not campaign last year brought awareness to product waste happening within the industry, caused by production mishaps, returns, damages and excess inventory.

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