LAUDA Scientific measures instruments for the analysis of polymers, plastics, oils and surfactants

LAUDA to exhibit at SCS Formulate - stand BZ 114

For almost 50 years now, LAUDA has developed, manufactured and distributed instruments for determining physical properties like viscosity and surface or interfacial tension of polymers, plastics, oils and surfactants – robust and reliable, precision instruments, which have established themselves in numerous areas of research and quality testing.

Our product range at a glance:

Viscometers - to determine kinematic viscosity

The modular automated viscometer PVS with up-to-date Windows software can be individually configured for virtually every application.

The iVisc is a computer-controlled, compact viscometer with excellent price/performance ratio for viscosities between 0.3 and 30,000 mm2/sec.

The fully automated filling and cleaning module VRM and the auto-sampler VAS improves the efficiency in the lab.

Viscobaths - for viscometry in a temperature range from -60 to 230 °C.

The Viscotemp and Viscocool clear-view thermostats are robust specialists for all viscometry applications.

The Proline PV and PVL viscobath series ensures the highest precision in temperature and homogeneity.

Tensiometers - to measure surface and interfacial tension.

The TC 1 is the budget instrument and the entry to tensiometry.

For fully automatic measurements with excellent reproducibility the TD 4 can be used, especially with the thermoelectric PTT+ unit.

The drop volume tensiometer TVT 2 for precise measurement of surface and interfacial tension and surfactant dynamics in individual drops.

The bubble pressure tensiometer MPT C for exact surface tension measurements of fast surfactants and their dynamics in the millisecond range.