L'Oréal accused of misleading US consumers over French origins


The Paris-headquartered beauty giant is being sued for using French phrases on products in North America

L'Oréal's Paris boutique

L'Oréal's Paris boutique

L'Oréal is being sued over misleading US consumers into believing the brand's beauty products are created in France.

The cosmetics beauty giant has been accused of using terms like 'L'Oréal Paris' and French phrases such as 'Fini Mat' and 'Sans Huile' on the label to suggest the products are French made.

Veronica Eshelby, the plaintiff in the legal dispute, said that the L'Oréal products are not made in France, but are designed for the US market and manufactured in Arkansas and other North American factories.

She argued that American consumers associate French brands with prestige and will pay more for the European products than US counterparts.

The lawsuit added that marketing products with French-language descriptions will also increase overall demand.

Eshelby is seeking a nationwide class action of any US-based consumer who purchased a L'Oréal product. The lawsuit has not specified the damages requested.

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According to the lawsuit, Eshelby purchased products from L'Oréal and did not read 'the fine print' detailing the brand's North American credentials.