L’Oréal appoints new data partner to power beauty product innovation

By Becky Bargh | Published: 30-Oct-2019

The technology, run by Talend, will allow L’Oréal to incorporate algorithms into data integration flows to facilitate researchers’ analysis

Beauty heavyweight L’Oréal has paired up with cloud data integration and data integrity firm Talend to power its R&D department’s data lake.

By using Talend’s Data Fabric technology, L’Oréal will be able to connect all of its databases, structured laboratory data and diverse data sources, including robotic measurements and image data.

The system will also allow L’Oréal to incorporate intelligent algorithms directly into data integration flows in the form of APIs and prepare data to facilitate researchers’ analysis.

“In the globalised beauty industry, L’Oréal must innovate ever faster to meet the desires and needs of customers looking for new products and services that respect their bodies and their environment,” said Philippe Benivay, IS Experimental Data Intelligence at L’Oréal.

“Our vision is to deliver services to our business that they have not yet considered.

“Data and AI allow us to move faster to create cosmetic products that meet the infinite diversity of beauty needs and desires of consumers around the world.”

According to Talend, the data lake processes 50 million figures a day and is available in real time, allowing for more precise management of sensitive research projects.

Since commissioning the technology, L’Oréal has deployed data marts, a subset of a data warehouse, on-demand to gain knowledge on a number of subjects, such as the microbiome or the exposome.

Ciaran Dynes, Talend’s SVP of Products, said: “Research teams must base their analyses and conclusions on trusted data that is accessible in real-time.

“L’Oréal’s R&I team uses data and artificial intelligence not only to help them develop new and increasingly innovative products but also to inform other departments throughout the company.

“At Talend, we are proud to be able to participate in the innovative of the world leader in beauty.”

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