L’Oréal promotes new Human Rights Policy on YouTube

By Lucy Tandon Copp 30-Aug-2017

In a piece to camera, Emmanuel Lulin, Senior VP and Chief Ethics Officer, addresses the company’s position on human rights impacts linked to L’Oréal’s operations

L’Oréal is promoting its Human Rights Policy via a YouTube video starring its Senior VP and Chief Ethics Officer Emmanuel Lulin.

In a piece to camera, Lulin explains why L’Oréal needs a policy of this kind: to make a positive contribution to the countries and communities in which it is present.

“We believe that we have to take steps to identify and address the possible Human Rights impacts linked to our own operations and business relationships,” he said.

“Publishing our Human Rights Policy is an important step, which allows us to explain more clearly how we respect this commitment in practice.”

The company’s selection process for its natural ingredients is used as an example to demonstrate how human rights are taken into consideration.

L’Oréal’s R&I teams are said to ensure that local communities have access to their land and natural resources and respect their “traditional knowledge”.

Lulin also raises issues relating to the digital sector. “As L’Oréal becomes more and more digital, this raises more than ever questions on the respect of privacy.

“When we are considering acquisitions, the finance, legal and real estate teams include human rights in their project evaluations.”

Stereotypes in advertising, women’s rights and labour conditions, including suppliers’ employees, are also picked out as highly important issues.

Talking about why the policy has been published now and what will happen next, Lulin says that it will be easier to explain its human rights convictions internally, as well as to consumers and retailers.

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A report will be published on the progress made and challenges faced.