Labskin launches remote clinical skin trials in a Covid-19 world

Published: 23-Jul-2020

A core service of in vitro skin specialist Labskin is its ability to swab and harvest the microbiome/microbiota of a human volunteer and transplant it onto its full thickness laboratory grown human skin equivalent. This gives an exact replica or clone of the human volunteers’ skin microflora.

Tests with cosmetic/medical active ingredients or formulations are carried out on the replicated skin to truly assess the effect of any given product on the microbiome.

Harvesting of the microflora can now be carried out in the home, with volunteers swabbing themselves under strict video/AI supervision.

  1. The volunteers are each sent a swab pack. This pack also contains containers with proprietary technology that allows the swabbed microbiome to be stored and shipped while maintaining its integrity.
  2. The pack has an RFID which brings up a web application where trialists can directly log into their trial
  3. Documentation and questionnaires needed are answered and signed online
  4. A video screen automatically launches with instructions and AI based guidance to the volunteer on how to take the swab.

The trial continues with the human subject regularly swabbing and posting results of their microbiome for sequencing.

A parallel laboratory trial happens on Labskin colonised with the volunteers microbiome, with swabbing of Labskin and sequencing of the microbiome.

Remote real life tests plus controlled tests on replicated Labskin in the lab plus sequencing data from both = a comprehensive trial, even in a Covid world.

If you would like to know more about Labskin's remote clinical skin trials visit or email us at

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