Lipo Chemicals launches new website

Features include a more functional search box and structured product content

Lipo Chemicals is pleased to announce the official launch of its new website. Improvements to the site include a more functional search box, structured product content, straightforward navigation throughout the site and a clean, fresh design. The website design and build was completed by Walkertek Interactive Marketing.

The new website is the next phase of an overall rebrand of the company. Since its acquisition by Vantage Specialty Chemicals in 2010, Lipo has been focused on developing new technologies allowing it to offer a wide array of specialty and basic ingredients to the marketplace. More specifically, the company’s main focus is on sustainability and green and natural ingredients as demonstrated by its recent acquisition of Desert Whale Jojoba.

Lipo is headquartered in Paterson, NJ and has offices in 12 countries, as well as a distribution network covering five continents and over 60 countries. To view the new site or to learn more about Lipo Chemicals and its affiliates visit