Vantage Personal Care

Founded on a heritage of caring, curiosity, and belief in the power of natural chemistry, our entrepreneurial spirit drives us in our quest to always find a better way. We empower formulators with a fast-growing portfolio of naturally derived ingredients, from Farm-to-Formulation™, ranging from a leading position in glycerin, jojoba oils and derivatives, surfactants and natural oils to high-end active ingredients and delivery systems

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Vantage is recognised industry-wide for its portfolio or naturally derived ingredients, being the market leader in Jojoba Oil & Derivatives, and providing customised solution-based technology. Vantage Personal Care is headquartered in Warren, NJ with offices in 13 countries expanding across five continents.

In 2019 Vantage acquired Textron Plimon, S.L.U., leading supplier of vegetable oils for the personal care, food and chemical industries.

Product platforms

  • Jojoba Oil and Sensorial Derivatives
  • Specialty Emollients, Vegetable and Specialty Botanical Oils (Botanicals Plus™)
  • Natural and Biodegradable Exfoliants 
  • Encapsulation Technologies 
  • Sensorial Emulsifiers
  • Powders & Polymers
  • Humectants
  • Sulfate-free Surfactants

Major Markets

  • Skin Care
  • Colour Cosmetics
  • Sun Care
  • Bath and Shower
  • Hair Care
  • AP/DEO

Global Capabilities

Vantage Personal Care is headquartered in Warren, New Jersey and has offices in 12 countries. Vantage business is supported by manufacturing facilities and jojoba farms located across the American continent, as well as a distribution network covering over 60 countries on 6 continents. Over the past 3 years, Vantage™ has acquired Leuna-Tenside GmbH, Textron, and Jeen International strengthening our position and expertise in the beauty and personal care industry.


Vantage Personal Care
150 Mt. Bethel Road                                                                                      
Building 2, Suite 200                                                                                     
Warren, NJ 07059                                                                                          

Latin America

VTG Specialty Chemicals S.A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel (54-11) 4545-6515

Vantage Specialty Chemicals Ltd
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel (55-11) 2124-5300

Vantage Specialty Chemicals S.A.
Santiago, Chile
Tel (56-2) 2739-1402

Vantage Specialty Chemicals S.A.S.
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel (571) 519-0439

Vantage Specialty Chemicals, S.A.
Guatemala City, Guatemala,
Tel (502) 2261-8980

Vantage Specialty Chemicals, S.A. DE C.V.
Tlalnepantla de Baz Mexico
Tel (525)5-5090-9650

Vantage Specialty Chemicals S.A.
Miraflores, Peru

North America

Vantage Personal Care
Fairfield, NJ

Vantage Personal Care
Tucson, AZ


Vantage Germany
Leuna, Germany
Tel (49) 173-666 2225

Vantage Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Tel (34) 93-860-4500


Vantage Specialty Chemicals (PYT) Ltd.
Gauteng, South Africa
Tel (27-11) 314-0912

Asia Pacific

Vantage Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai), Co. Ltd.
Shanghai, China
Tel (86-21) 5216-0787

Vantage Specialty Ingredients PVT, LTD.
Mumbai, India
Tel (91-22) 4010 0911

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