Luxury boxes provide the natural accompaniment for ethical cosmetics


A range of luxury presentation boxes produced by Pollard Boxes for eco-conscious skin care company mairro

A range of attractive luxury presentation boxes produced by Pollard Boxes for eco-conscious skin care company mairro ideally reflect the brand’s ethical image and positioning.

Based in Guernsey, maiiro’s products are inspired by the island’s sea and shoreline and the company is passionate about preserving the marine environment.

The skin care range has been specifically designed to help nourish and look after the skin, using a signature blend of five food-grade seaweeds, sourced from Guernsey’s pristine clean sea waters.

To meet the company’s brief to find a packaging solution fully in line with its brand ethos, Pollards carefully researched and sourced a suitable material.

The packs for maiiro’s organic soap and lip salve are manufactured using Shiro Alga Carta from fenner paper - a range of environmentally friendly paper, which very appropriately are made from harvested algae and seaweed.

The material offers flexibility in terms of the sizes and designs that can be created and is suitable for all types of high quality over printing.

Using seaweed pulp as an alternative to paper benefits the environment, because as seaweed grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.

It also grows many times faster than trees, can be sea harvested or grown using hydroponics, and there is no waste by-product.

The boxes are printed in a light wood grain finish to further emphasise the products’ natural ingredients, creating a simple but luxurious appearance on shelf.

The lip salve box features a drawer with ribbon pull, with internal fitments produced in printed flock carton board that complements the exterior. The soap pack contains an integrated platform for additional product protection.

“The quality of the packs produced by Pollards is outstanding,” commented maiiro’s founder Katy Rowe.

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“Using the Shiro Alga Carta paper was a touch of genius and has helped promote maiiro as serious alternative sustainability leaders.”

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