Pusterla Pollards creates enhanced unboxing experience for Argentum Apothecary

By Julia Wray | Published: 10-Mar-2022

Boxes for Argentum’s original skin care range have been designed to reflect brand’s ‘where science meets poetry’ slogan

Pusterla Pollards has worked with Argentum Apothecary on boxes for the silver-powered brand’s original skin care range.

The company was looking to revise its packaging to be more in keeping with the book-style packs of its new fragrance collection, which features a pop-up.

It also needed to reflect the brand’s ‘where science meets poetry’ slogan.

Argentum offers a ‘12 become 1’ concept, that is said to harness the energies of 12 archetypes to help each customer find balance within themselves and their skin care routine.

The outer packaging needed to establish this branding, and create an aura of excitement and anticipation, while providing essential product information and protection.

The jacket style boxes feature high-impact imagery sleeves with a window that reveals the silver-foiled Argentum logo on the face of the jacket.

A carton board tab opens the jacket where foiled silver poetry on the left matches the science on the 'element' panel on the right, which is finely illustrated with a black and white visual of one of the four elements: fire, air, earth and water.

The panel also includes a pocket that holds one of the 12 archetype cards and a leaflet that, as well as containing product details, unlocks the experience further through individual Twitter, Pinterest and Spotify accounts aligned with the archetype card the customer received.

To meet sustainability requirements, the carton board tab for opening removes the need for a magnetic closure, while the inner fitment can be easily removed and is recyclable, as is the rest of the box.

Removing the fitment also enables the box to be kept and repurposed by the consumer.

The box construction minimises the amount of glue required, and the printing uses only vegetable-based inks.

“Our boxes help to tell our story and reflect our quality, commitment and passion; customer feedback has been incredible,” said Sam Gray, Creative Director for Argentum, who created the original design for the boxes.

“From development to finished pack, the partnership with Pollards has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

Argentum was created in 2011 by Joy Isaacs.

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