Made in Britain for more than 25 years

Published: 1-Mar-2022

From a kitchen table start-up to a multi-million pound brand, Heaven Skin Care celebrates being the best of British for more than a quarter of a century as it prepares to move to a new headquarters in Telford

What started at the kitchen table and is now sold all over the world, Heaven Skin Care marks more than 25 years as a one of the country’s leading skincare brands.

To celebrate more than a quarter of a century as a British business, Deborah and her team are preparing to open their new headquarters later this month in Telford’s Access 442 development – just down the road from where her vision started.

Founded in 1995 by Deborah Mitchell, the multi-million pound beauty empire has carved out an enviable reputation in the industry for its age-defying creams and skin-saving supplements, and boasts a client list that reads like a celebrity who’s who.

Yet despite building a global brand, Deborah remains at the helm of Heaven Skincare, working alongside her daughter Ella Jane. As one of the country’s leading facialists, Deborah regularly treats members of the royal family and celebrities, and continues to work at her flagship salon in the beautiful Shropshire market town of Shifnal.

Not only that, she still heads up the creation of her product range, often using locally sourced ingredients. Her Nettle Venom collection, for example, uses nettles that she collects from hedgerows near her home.

“When I left school I signed up for a beauty course at my local college and became a mobile therapist at 17,” explains Deborah.

“I used what I learned on the job to devise my own remedies, blending essential oils into various creams and used them on herself before using them on clients. I would sit in my kitchen all hours of the day and night developing all manner of things, using endless ingredients until I hit the jackpot. But right from the start I knew I wanted to create luxurious skin care that was not only organic and natural but also results-driven.”

Having been bullied as a teenager due to her dyslexia and severe acne, the canny businesswoman turned both to her advantage. Her own troublesome skin provided the impetus to create products that tackled specific complexion complaints; while she believes her dyslexia allowed her to think up ideas that other people may not even dream of.

One of the first products Deborah created was Age Defiance Cream. “I wanted something that would be a real all-rounder, a product that plumped-out lines and helped prevent spot breakouts while at the same time ensuring it would be suitable for all skin types,” she says.

“Very quickly word got out and it became a bestseller, so much so that the likes of Victoria Beckham, Zoe Ball and Tess Daly started to use it to keep their skin spot-free and in great condition.”

However, of all her natural, organic products it is her bee venom masks, dubbed the “facelift in a jar”, that remain her best-sellers. Available in Silver, Black and Gold, the ingredients – most notably the powerful ABEETOXIN® – work in synergy to strengthen collagen, tissue and elastin, as well as soothe and heal, making them ideal for even sensitive skin.

Deborah is rightly proud of keeping her business local, even as it has grown into a world-renowned business. The new Telford factory space heralds a new era for Heaven Skincare and will allow the business to operate on an even larger scale.

“I grew up in Shropshire, like so many of my team, and it is an area that remains very much at the heart of what Heaven is about. When it came to looking to looking for our new headquarters I didn’t even think of moving anywhere else.”

“I’m lucky enough to travel the world but I’m never happier than when I’m home. I’m definitely a Shropshire girl through and through and I couldn’t be prouder to have founded such a Great British company in the area where I grew up.”

Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell is available from the flagship Heaven Health and Beauty salon in Market Place, Shifnal, Shropshire You can also shop online

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