Make-up for all skin shades: Discover Faber-Castell’s Simplicity line

By Julia Wray 15-Feb-2022

The cosmetics pencil collection comprises vegan, high-grade make-up formulations

<i>Lipsticks from Faber-Castell Cosmetics' diversity-led Simplicity collection</i>

Lipsticks from Faber-Castell Cosmetics' diversity-led Simplicity collection

Faber-Castell Cosmetics has launched Simplicity, a line of vegan, high-grade make-up products suitable for all skin shades.

Designed with diversity in mind, the new cosmetics pencil collection comprises a lipstick combining trending colours like ruby red and garnet with a clean and minimalistic texture for lightweight application and a soft gloss effect.

Matching lipliners feature a combination of different waxes to draw accurate, soft-gliding outlines.

Also included is a wooden concealer, containing 99% ingredients of natural origin, and which is available to suit different skin tones.

For the eyes, meanwhile, Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ Simplicity collection includes an eyeshadow stick with a skin-caring new formulation based on marula oil and rice bran wax, as well as an eyeliner offering 20-hour wear.

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Finally, the liquid eyeliner boasts a new natural formula and sustainable packaging with a PCR cap.