MakeUp In trade show to merge with rival Luxe Pack


Infopro Digital is to acquire Beauteam and its US subsidiary after companies recognise business synergies

Infopro Digital, the company behind the Luxe Pack cosmetics industry events, has announced plans to merge with rival trade show organiser Beauteam.

Beauteam founded and organises the MakeUp in… cosmetics industry trade show events, which now operate in Paris, New York, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles.

Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, Co-founders of Beauteam, said: “This merger with the Infopro Digital Group offers a synergy between the Luxe Pack and MakeUp In trade shows, which will enable to extend the footprint of these events internationally in several countries wishing to host them.”

Bourgeois was one of the Co-founders of Luxe Pack Monaco in 1988 and Founder of the magazine Formes de Luxe. Today Luxe Pack hosts events in Monaco, New York and Shanghai.

Bourgeois’ joint decision to merge Beauteam with the organisers of Luxe Pack was described as “a return to his roots”.

"We are delighted with this merger," said Christophe Czajka, Executive Chairman and founder of Infopro Digital.

“Synergies between the teams will further increase our power of action in these trades and the sector. They will enable to offer professionals the best in terms of expertise, and this, whatever the country."

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