Marine jewels for immunity seekers

Published: 26-Nov-2020

Algaktiv is thrilled to offer a diatom technology for everyone

Discover the fascinating world of diatoms

Take a deep breath right now and think about this: more than half of the oxygen you just breathed came from diatoms.

And there is a good chance you had no idea they even existed.

Diatoms are the secret to earth’s oxygen supply. Their population doubles every single day, creating massive blooms that can spread so far that they can only be seen from space.

In National Geographic's One Strange Rock, the astronaut Chris Hadfield shares these beautiful patterns from a unique perspective - the International Space Station:

Diatoms are living marvels enclosed in inorganic silica walls. Their unique shapes and crystal patterns appear to be crafted by the most virtuous jeweller. Diatoms impact the planet in vast and wonderful ways.

Algaktiv biotechnology taps on these ocean jewels to obtain unique bioactives for performance skincare and clean beauty brands.

A dose of optimism

The global pandemic has profoundly changed the world. Coronavirus keeps shaping consumers´ perceptions of safety and wellbeing. Our immune system becomes the new hero, and a new consumer category emerges.

Euromonitor calls them “Immunity Seekers”, consumers seeking immunity to rise to the pandemic challenge.

Diatoms can help those who seek. Diatoms help us breath. Diatoms help us live. Diatoms can optimize skin's immunity - calming, relaxing, comforting. Embrace these wonderful marvels. Inject them in your skincare creations. Benefit from wise nature and breath again.

Algaktiv is thrilled to offer a diatom technology for everyone:

Imagine the following claims:

  • 1% dose, breathe and soothe
  • 1% dose, comfort and relief.

Crafted by Phaeodactylum Tricornutum, Your Master Jeweller.

Boost your immune system with a touch of optimism!

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