Meet Biosyntia at New York Suppliers day – booth 113

Published: 27-Apr-2022

Biosyntia is creating a future where vitamins and active ingredients are produced from a natural source, with a substantially lower environmental footprint than today’s processes. Biosyntia leverage nature’s fermentation technology to produce a range of active ingredients

Biosyntia’s BIO-B7

BIO-B7 is the world’s first fermented, natural and sustainably produced biotin. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is relevant for a range of personal care products, especially supporting hair growth, hair quality and brittle nails. Let BIO-B7 be your sustainable hero ingredient in your natural hair or nail care line.

Biosyntia’s BIO-B7 is sourced from the rich European soil, as Biosyntia use carbohydrates from beets as the carbon source in the fermentation process. In the fermentation, carbohydrates are converted into biotin by microorganisms, an ancient natural process. Afterwards the biotin is purified, without the use of problematic inorganic solvents, to deliver a European produced, fully traceable, > 98% pure, d-biotin powder.

When comparing chemical biotin production with Biosyntia’s scaled fermentation process, in a life cycle analysis, it is clear that production by fermentation comes with several sustainability benefits:

  • 95% Reduction of chemical waste
  • 75% replacement of fossil-based raw materials with renewables
  • 60% Reduction of water emissions
  • 50% Reduction of air pollution
Meet Biosyntia at New York Suppliers day – booth 113

Biosyntia’s ForskEffect

Forskolin is the active ingredient in the ancient medicinal plant Coleus Forskholii. ForskEffect is 98% pure active Forskolin, sourced and produced in Europe, fully traceable, produced by fermentation and free from pesticides. Forskolin is recognized for its ability to reduce subcutaneous fat, reduce cellulite and even-outskin, when applied topically.

Biosyntia’s Flavonoids

Biosyntia are developing a range of bio-based potent single flavonoids with increased stability and bioavailability.

Contact us at or meet us at New York Suppliers Day booth 113, to learn more about our ingredients.

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