Meeting the Demands of Making Cosmetics – From Concept to Consumer

Published: 21-Oct-2013

Success in the personal care market is all about that as well as meeting the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Success in the personal care market is all about that as well as meeting the ever-changing demands of consumers. However, whilst creative difference is a key factor, every producer has an obligation to manufacture products within a legislative and regulatory framework that affects every part of the manufacturing and supply chain.

Making Cosmetics is an exhibition and extensive series of seminars that are all about helping branded  / private label manufacturers and brand owners to develop, manufacture and market personal care products which respond effectively and efficiently to consumer demand in ever competitive markets.

Making Cosmetics takes place in the UK and is completely free to attend. There are nearly 100 exhibitors and over 50 technical seminars, workshops and presentations. The dates are 25 – 26 March 2014.

Making Cosmetics is two days packed with content ideal for anyone looking to:

- Develop products that are fit for purpose, stable and compliant
- Increase efficiencies, enhance productivity, save costs, cut the  time to market
- Find new developments in technology and technique
- Source competitive  pricing,  value for money,  new standards in  cost/performance
- Access the latest thinking in good manufacturing practice and hygiene
- Design, manufacture and market products in a controlled, safe  and audited manner
- Investigate improvements in effectiveness, performance and efficacy
- Enhance product performance, application or appeal
- Meet the demands of a legislative and regulatory framework that affects every part of the manufacturing and supply chain
- Design and buy packaging in a manner that enhances brand success
- Enhance speed to market, flexible manufacturing practice
- Learn from the experiences and successes of other brand owners
- Maintain quality,  safety, stability
- Identify opportunity through market trends and data

Full details about Making Cosmetics are available on

Seminar Programme

In 4 rooms over 2 full days the Making Cosmetics seminar programme covers a wide range of topics. The content is graded (using chilli symbols) to indicate the depth and scope of the content.

• General / overview  topics with jargon free content.
• Content for people with experience who know the industry.
• Detailed / expert content focussing on specific features of the topic.

Here is an outline of the programme.

25 March 2014 – Seminar Topics

Turning an Idea into a Reality
All You Need to Know About Product Information Files (PIFs)
Scale-up / Manufacture

The Importance of Product Design and Development in Creating a Successful Brand that Stands Out From the Rest
ISO 22716 Real Examples
How Branding and Packaging Can Make or Break Your Brand

Legislation, Regulations & Compliance

Customer Complaints – Common Skin Reactions to Cosmetics
The Signs of Aging & How to Assess Them
Claim Substantiation and Safety of Products

How to Get the Government to Finance Your Business With Grants and Soft Loans

Packaging & Consumer Products Standards
The Future of Retail Beauty

Meet the Bulldog
Retailers Are From Mars. Brands Are From Venus
Brand Positioning - the All Important USP's

The Essential Link Between Brand Awareness and Product Development
Natural Beauty Minus Chemicals

Market Trends

From Kitchen to Market
The Limits of Natural Products

Analytical Sciences & Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance, De-mystifying the Accreditations of Manufacturers
Measurement Science Support for Cosmetic Manufacturing and Customer Care

How a Contract Manufacturer Calculates the Costs of Making Your Products
Value Re-Engineering - Cost Improvements
You Can Have What You Want as Long as it is in Our Warehouse

The Retailer's View
Touchy About the Future - How Will the Pack World Look?
The Beauty of Great Consumer Insight

Manufacture of Cosmetic Emulsions: A New Approach

26 March 2014 – Seminar Topics

Avoiding Pitfalls in Cosmetic NPD
The Formulation, Regulation and Manufacture of Toiletries
Creativity is not Just for the Marketing Department

Cosmetic Formulation Under REACH and CLP
How to Overcome the  Challenges Encountered During Scale-up Manufacturing

Evaluating the Fragrance Message
Understanding Fragrance Allergy
Cosmetic Regulation and Fragrance Allergens
GHS and Safety Data
Market Trends

The Skill of Mixing Powders and Nano Particles
GMP for Cosmetics and ISO22716

Control and Monitor Waste
Applied Sterilisation Technologies

Science in Development of Personal Care Products – a Question of Degree?
Essential Building Blocks in Creating Products
Development of a Strategy for In-Vitro Sensitisation Testing Alternatives to Animal Testing

Letting the Consumer Try – the Art of Sampling
Designing Great Packaging
Quality First, the Importance of Detail

Using Ready Made Bases as Alternatives to Bespoke Formulations
Developing Natural Fragrances and Their Inherent Difficulties

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