Mental health: Philosophy asks consumers 'how are you, really?'

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 8-May-2017

The Coty-owned skin care brand has launched the digital and broadcast campaign to engage women on the subject of mental health and to shun any stigma

Skin care brand Philosophy is urging consumers to engage in conversations about mental health as part of its latest campaign.

The Coty-owned brand launched the Hope & Grace Initiative this month to support women’s mental health and the new How are you, Really? campaign was released has subsequently been released.

The media push features a digital campaign and a television public service announcement which encourages women to ask the question and shun the stigma surrounding mental health.

“This campaign defines the Hope & Grace Initiative’s mental health-related purpose,” said Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora, Global SVP of Philosophy and Hope & Grace Fund Advisory Board member.

“We all have mental health, whether a diagnosed mental illness or a moment in your life, so asking ‘how are you, really?’ creates a platform to open up about how we’re really doing – what we’re really feeling.

“Speaking freely is ultimately the first step in healing. The Hope & Grace Initiative is just helping facilitate the conversation to get there.”

In addition to the campaign, the brand has launched Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion ($37).

All net proceeds from the sale of the limited-edition item will be donated to the Hope & Grace fund.

Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative has donated $2.4m to 38 US mental health organisations since 2014.

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