Mibelle Biochemistry tackles inflammageing with CALMandrin

Published: 1-Nov-2022

The new active ingredient is claimed to improve the signs of ageing and soothe reddened and inflamed skin

Mibelle Biochemistry has launched an ingredient developed to combat inflammageing.

As we age, the ability of the human body to counteract inflammation reduces. 

Where inflammation can no longer be completely eliminated, low-grade chronic inflammation occurs, which leads to the development of age-related conditions. 

Mibelle Biochemistry's new CALMandrin both improves the signs of ageing and soothes reddened and inflamed skin. 

It also increases the firmness and density of the skin. 

CALMandrin comes from the upcycled peel paste of organic mandarins, which are used in the distillation process for fragrance production on the island of Chios.

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