Microplastics in beauty: A ban timeline


As the ECHA moves to ban microplastics in European cosmetics, Keith Nuthall discovers what the implications might be for cosmetics manufacturers

Microplastics in beauty: A ban timeline

The EU personal care product industry is preparing itself for change in the event of the European Chemicals Agency’s (ECHA) proposal to ban the use of microplastics being approved.

Industry association Cosmetics Europe is unhappy with the proposals, which it deems an overreaction that ignores some key scientific evidence. During upcoming consultation, the industry association will likely seek to significantly change ECHA’s plans, notably demanding more time for any phase-outs.

In a strongly worded statement, it tells SPC: “Cosmetics Europe is deeply concerned regarding the socio-economic impact of the proposed restriction, which will impact on competitiveness and growth of the European cosmetics sector and on consumer choice of safe and efficacious products that they know and love.”


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