Miracle drops do almost everything except help you see in the dark

Published: 14-Sep-2020

The mighty, biotech enhanced Anti-Fatigue Carrot Algae Marine Drops from Beauty Cleanse Skincare, upcycled from food industry rejects, packs a powerful punch when it comes to de-stressing – something we could all use a little of right now.

The natural, organic Carrot Algae Marine Drops from www.beautycleanseskincare.com (£45) combine the latest in Biotech research and natures high performing plant oils to strengthen the skins resilience to modern lifestyle stressors including fatigue.

Simply massage into face, under-eyes and neck and wake up to hydrated, de-stressed and youthful looking skin – with improved radiance.

Recently awarded Bronze in the ‘Free From Skincare Awards’, last week the drops also scooped an impressive double at the Pure Beauty Awards winning Best New Natural Product and Best New Premium Anti-Ageing Product while Beauty Cleanse Skincare also picked up Best New British Brand.

Cementing both as the perfect ‘slow beauty’ remedy to the busy and fast paced, stress filled lives we often find ourselves leading.

Fighting off the effects of stress? With everything that is going on in the world a little de-stressing is definitely required. Put simply when we get stressed our bodies release hormones which disrupt the skins natural barrier and upset our circadian rhythm mediators resulting in skin atrophy, decreased epidermal thickness and other well-known signs of fatigue such as puffy eyes and dry skin.

See here for the full explanation.

Saman Ali, founder of Beauty Cleanse Skincare says: “After battling with the symptoms of diabetes due to stress build-up and a prolonged unhealthy state I decided to make a conscious change to my diet and reversed the effects but the damage to my skin and hair, still needed to be fixed.

"In search for a solution, one day I sat and wondered, If plant-based foods work for my body, what about my skin? I started seeing unbelievable results on my skin and Beauty Cleanse Skincare was born, along with this powerful Serum-in-oil.

"These drops are a reflection of my clean and conscious lifestyle which involves cold pressed juices made with healthy superfood ingredients – hence you can call these a perfect juice cleanse for the skin”.

Upcycling within the food industry

Completely free from fragrance, silicones, alcohol, allergens & preservative, the stunningly fresh, earthy aroma of this blend comes from cold pressed carrot seed oil - 100% upcycled seeds, utilised from the left-over raw material that would otherwise be disposed of.

Saman Ali continues: "We collect lots of discarded carrot seeds from local suppliers in the UK. A large proportion of these seeds are rejected as they don't meet the specification for food use.

"We rescue these nutrient-rich seeds from going to waste and landfill and cold press them into the beautiful antioxidant-rich oil to be used in our formulation.

What else is it made from?

The cruelty free, vegan friendly drops contain unique Microalgae Plankton Extract chosen based on the latest Neuroscience and use innovative COSMOS certified patented glucocorticoid technology to help inhibit the effects of stress on the skin and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin types.

Wild-harvested, virgin cold pressed carrot and rosehip oils are the perfect natural alternatives to synthetic retinol (beta-carotene and vitamin A), while squalane, perilla and camellia seed oils are bursting with plant compounds to increase skin’s elasticity and firmness.

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