NEOM Organics on the complexity of essential oils

Brushing off the category’s image, NEOM Organics is riding the well-being wave and bringing new relevance to essential oils

NEOM Organics was co-founded in 2005 by Nicola Elliott (pictured) and Oliver Mennell, who spotted in a gap in the market for aromatherapy-based products that not only smelled great, but looked the part too.

In our first Cosmetics Business podcast, The Beauty Blueprint, Elliott discusses the early days of the brand and why brand image is more important to her than ever. Continue reading for an excerpt from the interview...

Tell us about the brand’s beginnings…

I started training in nutrition and aromatherapy, and I made a couple of blends very early on in the brand inception. I made one for my husband, a sports teacher, who used to come home from football absolutely shattered and would say he couldn’t go out tonight. I developed him a fragrance that you’d put in the bath and would give him this huge burst of energy and he’d be able to go out on an evening. For me it took a long while testing in aromatherapy, and figuring out what goes with what. When I got to that point I thought I’m possibly onto something here – I can create really effective blends that are suited to these modern malaises and they work.

You don’t need to re-invent the wheel but invent a better version of the wheel – and I think that’s the truth

Why can re-invention work?

The thing I find most people say to me is I’d love to do that but I can’t think of the idea. I think that’s a real shame because thinking of the idea really is the easiest part. My Dad always said . . .

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