Nailed it! Can this plant-based ingredient give you stronger nails?


Mibelle Biochemistry discusses how its hair care stalwart KeraGuard can also act as a protective shield for the nails

Healthy nails are functionally and cosmetically important, particularly for women. With 85-90% of female consumers using nail care products, the global market for nail cosmetics is increasing constantly[1].

Nails are a complex appendage of our skin. Covering the distal dorsal surface of fingers and toes, their main function is to provide protection from injuries and infection. Additionally, nails serve to enhance precise, delicate movements, as well as the sensitivity of the fingertip. And they have aesthetic purposes.

The development of the nail unit already begins in utero during the 9th week of gestation. By the 17th week of the embryo´s life, most of the nail bed is covered by the nail plate. In adults, the average nail growth rate is 0.1mm/day, whereas toenails grow one-third to half the rate of fingernails[2].


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